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Makoto Nakatsui

Hand Crafted Uillenn Pipes

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Full and 3/4 Set
Half Set
Practice Set /Chanter
Flat Set
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Concer Pitch Chanter in Macassar Ebony

Concert D chanter in African Ebony,Nickel Silver, Boxwood.
Concert D chanter in African Ebony,Nickel Silver, Boxwood.
Interesting Recording from my customer using this Chanter (October 2011).
Composed by Mr.Shigeyuki Konita, pipes performed by Tokyo based piper Takanori Uchino.
This song has a Japanese taste. Many Japanese traditional instrument are used too.
Another one in 5/4. Tircky stuff!

Concert D chanter in Zericote, Brass, Imitation Ivory.
Concert D chanter in Bloodwood, Brass.Boxwood.
Concert D chanter in Honduran Rosewood,Boxwood,Brass.
A close up shot of African Ebony and Zericote Chater. Lovely "Landscape" grain on the Zericote chanter.
African Ebony and Macassar Ebony.
Brass Keys
Nickel Silver Keys
Chanter top with stopkey in a Taylor inpired style.
Rowsome style stop key in Nickel Silver.

Practice set in Macassar Ebony
Practice set in Castello Boxwood.
Practie set in Cocobolo.